Thursday, October 11, 2018

I started this Blog in August...........  Time and I have NEVER gotten along.........  Time keeps marching to it's own drum and I wobble along to my drum and they seldom cross paths.  So, here is a  Summer Blog and I still have some Spring and Early Summer Blogs to get online.  Someday........

After taking Greg to the Airport at 4:30 am and getting some things done here, we went over to Mackenzie River (our favorite restaurant) for Lunch (an important time for me as I don't like to miss lunches) and decided to do something restful for the afternoon.  We went by the house and picked up our cameras and headed to the Hungry Horse Reservoir and crossed the dam and headed up the West side road.  (how many and's can you put in a sentence and it be ok?)  We had seen an Osprey nest there and thought we might get a chance to photograph the young ones.  The young ones were able to fly and attempt to catch fish, but they were coming up 'empty handed'.  Diving into the lake and catching fish is apparently a bit difficult.  I have never tried it, so I don't have any first had knowledge of how it is done, but just how difficult could it be..............Hmmmmm......  Flying over the lake, how would you even see a fish?  Seeing it, the water 'bends' the light rays so the fish is not where it looks like it is.  How deep is it, a big fish deep?  a little fish shallow?  I wonder how 'Mom and Dad Osprey' tell the young ones all about this fishing thing???  Anyway, we were able to get a few photos of one of the young returning to the nest.  The males and females look just alike, how do they pick a mate if everyone looks just alike???   All this pondering is making me tired!

These birds are beautiful and are so much a master of their environment.  This one landed so carefully on the nest while the other one watched and criticized the landing, I am sure!

Soon one of the parents (can't tell Mom from Dad) brought a fish.  We are sooooo fortunate that our Moms and Dads bring us home 'real' stuff to eat, but my Daughter and husband Allen eat Sushi so what's the difference............  I want mine COOKED! 

Mom or Dad (whichever) lifts off the nest to get out of the way of the 'free-for-all' fighting over the fish, these kids have NO manners!  Well, one of them finally got the fish and proceeded to eat it.  I got squeamish and ask Debbie if she was ready to go, and she said ok, so we left the scene.

One another note, we have had several people ask about some photos of the house as it is finished, so when we got home and having my camera out, I decided to take a couple of snapshots of the house.  Like I said, 'I Decided to' but it was morning until I actually did take a couple of snapshots.  (I didn't want to do too much in one day)

We removed as few trees as possible, as we love the trees.  We have Douglas Fir and Ponderosa Pine in our yard.  And lots of wildflowers in the Spring.

This is around back.  The stump is where a really nice Douglas Fir was but when they put the septic tank in they cut the main roots and as the tree was leaning the other way, we felt it best to take it down.  Did not want to, but felt it a hazard to leave it.

We really like our house and can't wait until you can come out and spend some time with us in Glacier National Park.

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