Monday, October 22, 2018

As many of you know me,  I could not just 'leave it be' as far as just a burned Cabin in Glacier National Park.  So, a little research and now I know more about the place.  This Cabin was the Baring Creek Cabin also known as the Sun Camp Fireguard Cabin.  These Cabins, as there were several in Glacier National Park, were also know as Patrol Cabins and used by the Park Service Personal.  This one was used quite often into the 1960's but not a lot since then.  Occasionally a hiker would stay overnight in this Cabin.  No water or electricity but a wood stove and the Park Service had added Propane heat which made it a bit more comfortable. 

The Blackfeet name for the creek is  a'pa-oa'pspi  meaning Weasel Eyes.  The name was changed to Baring in honor of a banking family from London, England that visited frequently during the 1920's.  James Willard Scultz was involved in naming and renaming many places on the East side of the Park.  James and Joe Kipp took the Baring brothers on hunting trips in this area in the 1920's.  I still like 'Weasel Eyes' for this awesome Creek and Falls.

Debbie is looking Northwest at the chimney which, with the foundation, is about all that is left.  Matahpi Peak is in the background (behind the burned tree).  This Cabin is near Baring Creek just up on the side of Goat Mountain overlooking St. Mary Lake.

At one time there was quite a complex of buildings here but the Cabin was the only thing remaining when the Reynolds's Creek Wildfire destroyed it on July 22, 2015.  This view is looking Southeast.  Now that this area has burned, you can see St. Mary Lake from this spot.

Inside the Cabin is much like many of the Patrol Cabins built here in Glacier.  They were 20' X 24' with a covered porch.

This is looking Northwest.  I am a little confused, yet, as it looks like in this photo that there were electric power lines in the background, but apparently Electric was never run into the Cabin.  Maybe those are just some scratches on the film,  More for me to research............

The Reynolds's Creek Wildfire was a very hot fire.  Brent Rowley and Kyle Langley are archaeologist in Glacier National Park and one of them is holding a piece of glass from a window in the Cabin.  They believe the temperature of the fire at the Cabin may have reached 1,800 degrees.  When a Wildfire burns this hot it often destroys the seed bank and it takes many years for the forest to regenerate.  Debbie and I will be watching how the forest recovers and I will be commenting on that in later Blogs.

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