Thursday, October 27, 2016

Travels in Northeast Indiana

Have you ever seen a Minion 25 feet tall?  It really stands out in the Landscape!  Something Blue and Yellow, that size is something you won't miss..............

Debbie and I were spending three days shooting photos for a client in Northeast Indiana and were finding all kinds of unusual 'subjects'.  This project gets us into some very interesting places, if your interest is similar to ours, maybe your not that adventurous.  I have been told more that once that I am a bit 'goofy', some feel that I am more than a bit!

Our trip started out quite uneventful.  Just the usual small towns with murals, covered bridges, round barns, general stuff for us.

But there is always something different, like the Architecture in Farmeland, Indiana.  And then there were the 'Free Range' Christmas Trees on the Sickels Tree Farm south of Winchester, Indiana.  Like many other Cities in Indiana, the Courthouse in Winchester is a beautiful building.  There are some awesome memorial on the Courthouse grounds.  We are always humbled by the memorials for our Military, Police and Firefighters.  These memorials leaves us quietly remembering friends and relatives that have given all to provide a Nation in which we may enjoy our endeavors, whatever they may be.

The Arts Depot in Union City is a must see for artist.   We had never seen Chocolates like the ones we ran across at the Ghyslain Chocolatier in Union City.  The first interstate railroad came into Indiana at Union City in 1852 and by 1875, 16 passenger trains and 22 freight trains were arriving and departing daily.  Yes, this is a chocolate!  And wow was it good!

In Redkey, Indiana, the Gray Hotel is a landmark that should not be missed if you are in that area. This old hotel was built in a triangle formed by the city streets and the railroad.  The leaded glass ceiling in the Rotunda of the Courthouse in Portland is beautiful.  There are also some interesting murals on the third floor.  Take the 'back roads' in our Counties and find things like the Underground Railroad Station near Balbec, Indiana.

Don't forget, almost all of our Counties in Indiana have a Historical Museum located somewhere in the County.  Many of them are so very interesting, you never know what treasures you will come across in these places as they are attempting to preserve our past history.  In your travels around Indiana, make it a point to look these up!

If your near Bluffton, Indiana, the Courthouse is spectacular.  And there is a  Coffee Shop across the street called 'Grounds and Grains' that we feel is totally awesome.  We had lunch there and did't want to leave!  The staff were friendly and we really enjoyed our conversations with them as well as very good food.  It is definitely on our 'list' as a place to stop, again, if we are even close to Bluffton!  Also, the Ouabache (pronounced 'Wabash' just like the River) State Park is just outside of the City.

And, on the 'back roads' north of Bluffton, a large Minion.  Yep, 25 feet tall!  This Minion has a very interesting story behind it.  If you are interested, search for Minion Silo on the web.  This sure brightened our day!

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  1. I, for one, love your goofiness. :) Very interesting story about your travels. Who knew there was a giant minion lurking in Indiana. Wish I had known you were going north. If you ever get a chance to go through Wabash you need to stop at the Market Street Grill for a piece of the most awesome peanut butter pie your taste buds will ever encounter.